Welcome to the Access Center Test and Appointment Page!

Here you can easily:

  1. Schedule a test 
      • Please click Schedule a test, mid-term or quiz in the upper left menu to schedule a test. You will be asked to login using your MSU ID (which is your MSU Denver email address without the "@msudenver.edu.")

  2. Check your upcoming scheduled appointments, tests, and quizzes
      • If you want to check to see what you have already scheduled, click My upcoming events in the menu bar above.

Problems with Login? 

  •  If you do not know your MSU ID or Password, contact the IT HelpDesk at 303-352-7548.
  •  If you have other questions about scheduling your exam, call or email the Access Center Testing Office at 303-615-0199, accesstesting@msudenver.edu.